Why is my transaction being declined?

A Business Card transaction can be declined on several occasions:

  • Your myPOS card has been blocked for the transaction you are attempting. For security reasons, your myPOS card can be blocked for certain transactions. You can view your card’s security settings by logging in to your account, under the tab Cards, Settings section. Note that the security settings can be set by card. If you have more than one card, select the correct one to ensure the card hasn’t been blocked for certain transactions.
  • Also for security reasons, your myPOS Business Card has a limit on the transaction amount and number of transactions. Your card’s limits can be viewed in your myPOS account under Limits in the footnote of every page.
  • When attempting an online transaction, your card can be declined if any of the card’s details were entered incorrectly. Check the details and try again.
  • When using rental services or self-service facilities, it can happen that the service provider blocks a certain amount in your account. The amount is typically held for 45 days and then released. A myPOS representative could assist you in releasing the amount sooner, do note that further documentation may be required.

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