Fraudulent transactions

myPOS has a response centre and fraud monitoring team working 24/7. A myPOS Customer Support representative is available to our clients at any time of the day or night. Please feel free to contact them about any suspicious transactions.

Some examples for fraudulent transactions include:

  • E-Commerce payments to unknown merchants
  • ATM withdrawals in other countries and/or currencies

Some examples that might look suspicious, but are often not fraudulent:

  • Non-delivery of goods that were paid with the card - it is possible that the non-delivery claim has not been processed yet. Contact the other business first and try to resolve the matter
  • The transaction amount does not match the amount spent - some merchants authorize an amount different than one eventually settled, often done to cover a deposit. Contact the other business and check why the amounts do not match

If a fraudulent transaction is spotted, block the card immediately and contact the myPOS Customer Support team. An emergency number is printed on the back of the myPOS Business Card.

If the card was lost or stolen, block the card immediately and contact the customer support team.

To block the card, log in to the myPOS account, go to the Cards tab, select the card from the left-hand side, click on Settings under the card image and block it.

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