How to receive the PIN of my card?

Each myPOS Business card is issued with an individual PIN (Personal Identification Number) which is needed to make payments or to withdraw cash.

The PIN will be issued when the card is activated - the last step of the activation process is the issuing of a PIN. Note that there might be a slight delay in receiving the PIN. In case the PIN is not received within 5 minutes, please contact Customer Support.

If the PIN was forgotten and the wrong PIN was entered three consecutive times, the card will be blocked. This is done for the client’s protection, please contact the Customer Support team for assistance.

There is also an option in the online banking to request the PIN - (via the mobile app >> Cards >> you will see a blue screen with a card picture in the middle >> click on the 4th symbol on the right - you should see a small PIN sign >> the PIN code will be sent to the phone number, connected to the card; or via the web account at >> Login >> Merchant Account >> Cards >> Cards list >> click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner for the particular card >> Send PIN.)

As an alternative, you can send a text message from the mobile number linked to the card with the text [mypos][space][last 6 digits of your card] on the number +359886170011.

Example: myPOS 123456

In reply, you will receive the security settings and the PIN code for your card.

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