What advantages does myPOS offer over a bank?

The advantages that we offer are numerous - we provide businesses with a wide variety of benefits and features on top of a payment solution for every type of payment. Here’s a quick overview:

Like any bank myPOS offers:

  • An online banking alternative - an online e-money merchant account for transfers and mass transfers
  • Cash withdrawal from any ATM that accepts VISA
  • A credit card payment machine to accept onsite payments
  • Virtual Terminal for MO/TO payments

Unlike any bank myPOS offers:

  • NO monthly or yearly service fees
  • NO long-term contractual obligations
  • NO installation fees
  • Instant settlement of all payments
  • An IBAN in multiple currencies (up to 50)
  • A FREE VISA Business Card
  • A FREE Data Card ensuring a mobile connection anywhere in Europe at no cost
  • Online payment services such as MO/TO Virtual Terminal, Payment Request, PayLinks, PayButtons and Checkout with no setup or monthly fees
  • Top-up services for a large number of service providers around the world
  • Private Label GiftCards for increasing your customer retention and building brand awareness

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