What is myPOS Blended Service Fee?

As described in our section ‘What are Interchange and Scheme Fees?’, there can be a confusing number of different fees that are charged by the Card Schemes depending on the type of transaction involved. We aim to simplify the information provided to you on the fees you pay myPOS for its services. Therefore, for each type of transaction, myPOS groups these fees into easy-to-understand categories. This is sometimes referred to as ‘blending’. If you would like more information on how your fees are comprised, please refer to our summary of Interchange and Scheme Fees – available here. In addition, a detailed split of the Interchange charged for each acquiring transaction processed by myPOS is available in the transaction details section of your myPOS account. To view it, log into your account, go to Dashboard -> scroll to the Recent Activity section and choose a specific transaction. When you click on it, the transaction details will be shown, including the interchange fee. 

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