Il menu Terminali

The Terminal List is displayed by selecting the Terminal menu.

By selecting a device from the list, the user sees the following information and configuration options:

  1. The account and currencies in which transactions are accepted
  2. View device activity for a preferred period
  3. Export the activity overview to Excel or PDF
  4. Select the number of results to display per page
  5. Filter activity by current month, previous month, last 3 months, last 6 months or current year
  6. View transaction details

By clicking on Settings , the user can:

  1. ualize the tariff for the specific device
  2. Enable or Reset Device: The Reset Device option is applicable if the merchant wants to link the device to a different store or account, or if the currency of the device needs to be changed. The following steps will be applied:
    • Clicking the button will generate a recovery code
    • code must be entered into the device, the reset option on each device can be found in the Settings menu
    • device will be reset
  3. Change the name of the terminal: this name will be visible in the transaction details. If left blank, the field will automatically be filled with the serial number of the device
  4. Change the billing descriptor for the device - this name will appear on the customer's card statement
  5. Allow refunds, void transactions and optionally add a password for void transactions: s - a password is created, it must be entered each time a void transaction is processed through the device
  6. Allow top-up and, if desired, add a password for top-up: l - password is used to authorize top-up transactions and must be entered each time such a transaction takes place
  7. If you have MOTO activated for your account, you can also allow it from here and set a password to be entered before each transaction
  8. Customize the receipt header for your device: You can add a company logo
  9. Choose whether to display the full address or just the city and country on the receipt.
  10. onalize the receipt footer for the device

The Terminals menu is used to order or activate a new myPOS payment terminal.

It has the following sub-menus: Sort Terminal and Activate Terminal .

The Sort Terminal submenu opens by default when a user clicks the Devices menu and allows users to sort or activate a device.

The Activate Terminal sub-menu is used to activate a newly purchased myPOS payment terminal.

The MO/TO Virtual Terminal

The service is not activated by default. Before activation, the card provides additional information about the MO/TO Virtual Terminal as well as detailed instructions on how to activate the service and start using it. Once activated, the MO/TO Virtual Terminal is the ideal solution for companies that operate with paperless transactions.

If activated, you can process a new virtual transaction by selecting Receive payment through the MO/TO Virtual Terminal. The user must then enter the following information:

  1. Cardholder details - enter the name, number and validity of the card that will be charged
  2. Payment details: enter the transaction details: shipping address, reference number and billing description
  3. Optional step to send a digital receipt to the customer via email or mobile.

By clicking on the MO/TO Virtual Terminal tab in the Receive Payments dashboard, the user is directed to Processed Payments - which provides an overview of all payments processed via the MO/TO Virtual Terminal. The user will be directed to Accept payment with MO/TO Virtual Terminal by clicking on the New Transaction button.

The Billing Descriptors tab displays the settings of the MO/TO Virtual Terminal with the option to view all / enabled / disabled descriptors, add the billing descriptor, activate / deactivate the selected descriptor and edit or add a currency account.

View and export transactions

The easiest way to view and export myPOS account transactions is provided from the Business Account/Accounts menu. Here the merchant can find information on all transactions made using any account, card, device or online service linked to the myPOS account.

In addition, the merchant can view all card transactions in the Business Account/Cards menu and all transactions made via Terminals in the POS Devices menu.

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