Norme di restituzione, smaltimento e furto del dispositivo

Return Policy | Replacement of a defective myPOS package

  • The customer (also referred to as the merchant) can return the entire myPOS package, including the myPOS device and the myPOS Visa Business card , within 30 days from the date of the original order of the myPOS package by the customer and under the conditions set out in the Rules of restitution. As part of the return procedure, the Customer is strongly advised to use a courier and not the local post office to expedite and facilitate the conclusion of the process.
  • The customer must not open the myPOS device and/or attempt to repair the defect. If this happens, any defects will be attributed to the customer and myPOS will not be required to comply with the obligations set out in the Return Policy.
  • Some myPOS distributors may provide after-sales support to customers and be able to collect the defective myPOS device. If your device was purchased through a myPOS distributor or agent you should contact them for their Return Policy.


The merchant must not dispose of myPOS devices, including cables, batteries or other components, with household waste. If your myPOS device fails, it must be sent in for repair in accordance with the myPOS Return Policy, which can be found at

For more information on the repair procedure and RMA (Return Material Authorization), contact Customer Service.

Theft of the device

From its activation date, the myPOS device is permanently linked to the merchant's myPOS e-money account. Even in the event of theft or loss, any payment transaction processed will be credited to the same linked account.

If your device is lost or stolen, disable it immediately and notify myPOS Customer Service immediately.

To disable the device, log in to your myPOS account, go to the POS Devices tab, select the device from the list, click on Settings and disable the device.

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