What information/data is required from my phone for me to use myPOS Glass?

As a registered and licensed institution, we have the responsibility to ensure that we follow the correct onboarding procedures for new merchants. When signing up for the myPOS Glass app and in order for it to work properly, the app will ask you to enable access to three sets of data from your Android smartphone:

  • Photos, media & files: such data is required for accurate account identification and verification, especially if you do not have an account with myPOS yet.
  • Make & manage phone calls: this information is needed for proper account identification. In some cases, this will be necessary to initiate the process of online identification, especially in case where you do not have an account with myPOS yet.
  • Device location: this is used for the correct processing of payments. The myPOS service is bound and licensed within the EEA, and it is our responsibility to ensure that your device and scope of business operations fall within the borders of the EEA.

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