Video identification

Here are the steps for it:

  1. You will be connected to one of our myPOS agents who will guide you through the identification process.
  2. The operator will ask you to take a photo of your face and ID document.
  3. While the call is active, you will also receive an SMS on your phone containing a code. Once you receive it, notify the operator and read the code to them.
  4. The operator will notify you if you have passed the identification call successfully.
  5. The last step in the process would be for our team to check the documents provided and get back to you within several business days.

Please note that additional documents might be required in order to verify your company and complete the Merchant Verification Process. If we need more information or documents from you, we will get back to you within several business days.

That’s it! Welcome to the myPOS family!

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