What are the service fees meant for?

These fees are applied in limited circumstances of inactivity on behalf of the customer. These are not standard fees and are charged in exceptional cases on a monthly basis.

The No-cooperation Fee, Inactivity Fee and No-acquiring Fee are fees that may be collected from myPOS merchants who are not using the myPOS Service in compliance with its rules and purpose and are covered by one of the following situations:

  • No-cooperation Fee: The account of the merchant is blocked because the merchant’s activities are considered to be in breach of our Acceptance Policy or our Legal Agreements or other applicable regulation, or the merchant has not provided information or documents as requested by us;
  • Inactivity Fee: The merchant hasn’t used any of the payment functionalities of the myPOS Service for a period of 10 consecutive months whereby the account has been inactive and there hasn’t been a single valid transaction processed via the account, e.g. the merchant has not executed any payment with his/her myPOS card, the merchant has not executed any money transfer or the merchant has not received any inbound transfer.
  • No-acquiring Fee: The merchant hasn’t accepted valid card payments for at least 50.00 EUR/ 50 GBP/ 50 BGN / 50 CHF (based on the underlying currency of the merchant’s main myPOS account) for a period of 10 consecutive months.

If you do not fall into any of the above-mentioned categories, you will not be affected by these fees.

What happens if I fall into more than one of the described categories - will I be charged multiple times?

No. Only one of these fees will be applied if you happen to fall into more than one of the special circumstances. The fees are set with the following priority:

  1. No-cooperation Fee
  2. Inactivity Fee
  3. No-Acquiring Fee

Can my account be brought to a negative balance or overdraft because of such fees?

No, these fees are applied only and as long as you have a balance in any of your myPOS accounts.

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