Types of Devices

How to choose the best card processing terminal for my business

Every card payment machine we offer is suited best for certain business needs. It is crucial to choose a card reader that has enough features and power to respond to your future business growth.

Here’s a quick overview of the models we offer:


Traditional Devices

myPOS Go

The myPOS Go is our entry-level credit card machine. Offering a tempting low price, it is our most suitable solution for merchants always on the go - such as sales representatives, beauticians, masseuses, handymen, taxi drivers, food delivery personnel, etc. The myPOS Go can also be used by merchants who process card payments occasionally. It is an eco-friendly credit and debit card reader which issues digital receipts. Learn more in the myPOS Go user manual.

myPOS Combo

The myPOS Combo is our classic credit card machine for heavy-duty use. It comes with a sturdy chassis, ensuring long-lasting operation, and a fast printer for issuing paper receipts. The myPOS Combo terminal is designed and best used in restaurants, cafes, bars and large stores that have a high volume of transactions. Learn more in myPOS Combo's user manual.

Smart Devices

myPOS Carbon

Working on the Android 9.0 operating system with a quad-core 1.4 GHz processor, the myPOS Carbon offers a touchscreen design and works exactly like smartphones. Additionally, it offers the traditional POS terminal functionalities such as a high-speed thermal paper printer. Get access to the myPOS AppMarket where merchants can download additional business apps such as a cash register, loyalty programs, cloud-based accounting and others. Due to its robust and sturdy design and its ATEX certification, this device is shock-proof, water-resistant, dust-proof and is ideal for businesses that operate in high-pressure environments. Get more in-depth information about myPOS Carbon by reading the user manual.

myPOS Slim

Stylish and compact, myPOS Slim combines the functionalities of a barcode scanner and a POS terminal in one! Slim, yet with a long-lasting battery, this smart Android-based device can issue electronic receipts and its 5.5-inch colour touchscreen and powerful processor meet all payment needs of industries like retail, food & beverage, delivery and more. Learn more about myPOS Slim.

Countertop POS systems

myPOS Hub & myPOS Hub+

Powered by Android, you can now welcome the powerful and intelligent Hub and Hub+ devices to your countertop to help your retail or restaurant business flourish! With large sensor displays (8 inch for the Hub, and 15.6 inch, Full HD for the Hub+) and a modern, elegant design, take full advantage of these devices’ excellent reliability and the range of built-in features such as the Cash Register app and other innovative business apps. For those who like to develop their own apps, this functionality is available to you to suit your particular brand and business. By visiting the Hub & Hub+ pages, you can make an inquiry to find out more information about these devices and their pricing. Learn more in the user manual.

Unattended Point of Sale Solutions

myPOS Kiosk

The most sophisticated member of our unattended devices family, the myPOS Kiosk is a smart Android device that features a 23.8-inch touch screen display with hit-resistant glass, a quad-core processor and auto-cut thermal printer. Accepting all types of electronic payments easily and securely, the myPOS Kiosk offers multiple connectivity options and facilitates communication over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LAN. As a final touch, the device supports a stand so that it can be stood on its own, if necessary.

myPOS Integra

With a 4.3-inch TFT colour touchscreen display and a virtual keyboard, the myPOS Integra provides customers with a user-friendly and convenient payment experience. This compact device has been engineered to the highest quality standards for physical protection and enables merchants to accept any type of transactions. It comes in a sturdy, hit- and water-resistant chassis, making it ideal for outdoor or indoor self-service settings.

myPOS Mini

An eco-friendly device that issues digital receipts, the myPOS Mini comes in a specially designed case, that makes it ideal for all your unattended integration needs. This ensures the device’s protection, easy operation and flawless communication with the master device. With the myPOS Mini, merchants can accept any type of transactions, while its industry certifications make the device suitable for meeting all your customers’ payment needs in one place.

By visiting the Unattended devices page, you can make an enquiry to find out more information about our unattended point of sale solutions and their pricing.


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