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Open the myPOS App and log in with the email address and the 4-digit passcode selected when the app was first installed or

The Home screen displays t quick access buttons:

  1. Make transfer - allows bank transfers or sending money to another myPOS user; the merchant can select which bank account the money is sent from
  2. Send Payment Request - allows for a payment request to be sent to an email address or a mobile number

By pressing the button “+” the client is able to add more quick access buttons as follows:

  • Balance transfer – allows instant and free-of-charge transfers between the client’s own accounts. If the currencies of the IBANs are different, currency conversion would be applied. The exchange rate will be accumulated prior to executing the payment. The rates are updated on a daily basis and are visible in the myPOS account or directly through
  • Top-up - allows recharging or buying airtime for a variety of prepaid mobile services worldwide. The myPOS Top-up can be used by any business and the myPOS system has connections to 779 mobile operators in more than 141 countries in the world!
  • MO/TO Virtual Terminal option - if the service has been enabled, it allows the collection of MO/TO payments & generates a digital receipt. If the service is not activated, there is an application form to request activation
  • Invoice – the functionality is designed to optimize the client’s time and expenses by not investing in another software for invoicing and inventory support purposes. Invoicing is available in 3 subscription plans - Free, Annual Unlimited, and Monthly Unlimited plan. It could be used to create a list of items, customers, discounts, etc., and could be sent to the customers via e-mail, SMS, a generated link; LinkedIn, Viber, WhatsApp and Messenger. 

Under the buttons, you can find a list of the consolidated account transactions for the e-money accounts in all currencies. From here the merchant can search for a specific transaction and view the transaction’s details. Also, there is an added option for resending a digital receipt for payments or a refund.


The following menu options are available:

  • Sales – view all sales performed using the Cash register or myPOS Online functionality (Fiscal – only for BG clients)
  • Devices - view all devices linked to the myPOS account as well as additional information for each device:
    • the transactions and pre-authorizations made with the device - visualized as a list of transactions with the option to select each transaction or more details
    • the Activity button shows the whole transaction volume for the selected time period
    • the Settings button - the option to block or activate the device as well as the device’s details and specifications. It allows the Billing descriptor and the Settlement account to be changed as well.
  • Cards - view all cards linked to the myPOS account. For each card there is additional information about:
    • the card’s full details and the transactions made with the card - visualized as a list of transactions with the option to select each transaction or more details
    • the Activity button shows the whole card transaction volume for the selected time period
    • the button which allows freeze/unfreeze option of the card
    • the Settings button - the option to activate or deactivate the card, to allow or forbid the POS transactions, ATM cash withdrawals, Online transactions and international transactions, to view and set the spending limits as well as the card’s current notifications and the option to change them 
  • More


  • Orders – view all orders and their statuses received through the created website, to search for a specific order and to filter them for a specific time period
  • Products – view all of the added Products, Categories and Discounts
  • Customers – view all of the added Customers, select for a specific customer’ details, check all sales and orders done by the selected customer
  • Invoice – view all of the issued Invoices, per week, month or year, change the subscription plan or create a new invoice
  • Domain names – choose and buy a domain for the myPOS Online shop by typing the preferred one
  • Top-up – make a new top-up transaction and view all of the performed ones


  • myPOS Online – view all of the created myPOS Online shops and check all of the Sales, Orders, Products and Customers related to it, view the shop details, design, order settings, delivery settings, payment methods, terms of service or create a new myPOS Online shop
  • Checkouts – view all transactions accepted to the integrated website, search for a specific transaction and view the transaction’ details, or initiate a refund.

*Merchant account

  • Accounts – a dashboard visualization of the current balance of each account linked to the myPOS account, each account details settings and funding information as well as a button for new account adding
  • Beneficiaries – view all added beneficiaries both individual and company, search for a specific beneficiary, activate or deactivate the selected one, edit the entered details as well as a button for new beneficiary adding.

*Take payment

    • Payment tag – a dashboard visualization of all accepted payments through the functionality, view the transaction details, send a new payment tag or initiate a refund. It is a web page with a unique merchant address where the client could pay by filling out just a few payment details. There is no need of generating numerous new requests, it is created once and shared with the clients, available for everyone to pay as many times as needed.
    • Payment request – a dashboard visualization of all accepted payments through the functionality on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, initiate a new payment request, view the transaction details, the payment request’s status, make it again or send a reminder. It is an innovative online payment feature that enables the client to remotely get paid in a flash.
    • Virtual terminal - a dashboard visualization of all accepted payments through the functionality on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, initiate new MO/TO transactions, view the transaction details, make a refund or generate a digital receipt

* Campaigns 

  • Refer a business – a link that could be shared via SMS, Gmail, Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, or directly be copied and sent via the client’s favorite method. By following the referral link, complete the sign-up form and buy their first payment terminal from the myPOS Online shop, a discount will be applied. All that’s left for them is to get verified, activate their device and enjoy the full range of myPOS services. By completing the steps described the merchant will receive a bonus as well. 

      * General 

  • Settings - change passcode option, turn on/off the fingerprint as well as a balance visualization settings on the home screen; quick access from 2 to 5 operations settings, reordering with drag and drop possibility
  • Authentication - follow the steps for offline authentication
  • Documents - view all documents uploaded as well as a button that allows uploading a new one
  • Legal - all legal agreements, merchant agreement, return policy, privacy policy, license agreement for myPOS Mobile, and fees section
  • Notifications - history of all notifications received, a settings button that allows the Marketing notifications, Promotions, and Products updates notifications to be turned on and off
  • Alerts - history of all authentication requests received, a settings button which allows the Push notifications, E-mail notifications, SMS notifications to be turned on and off
  • Profile - an option the whole myPOS account to be blocked and activated by the owner, company and personal details
  • Rate us - direct to app store review page where the client is able to rate the application by adding from 1 to a 5-star review
  • Log out

































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