myPOS Go Connectivity settings


The myPOS Go device can be connected to the Internet only by using a SIM Data Card. 

If a SIM card is already inserted into the myPOS Go device, it will automatically connect to the Internet.

If the merchant would like another SIM card to be used the steps described below should be followed:


  • STEP 1: Remove the back cover of the device by pressing down the button on top of the panel and remove the battery. The SIM card and SAM compartments should be visualized.
  • STEP 2: Insert the SIM card in the SIM card slot 1 (the front one) with the gold colored contact surface facing down. Make sure that the SIM card is inserted in SIM slot 1 (the front one). The myPOS Go device works with the standard SIM card size and if the SIM is a micro or nano, a SIM adapter should be used.
  • STEP 3: Enter the SIM PIN. If the mobile network was not recognized, the myPOS Go device will display an error message and two options: to try again (X) or to manually enter the APN settings (O) of the mobile network. Once it has connected to the mobile network, the myPOS Go will perform a test of the connection to the myPOS system. If the test is successful, the activation screen will appear; If the connection test is unsuccessful, the myPOS Go screen will display an error message. – myPOS Get started – myPOS Go Activation guide – myPOS Go Technical specifications – myPOS Go User guide 






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