Here are the steps for it:

At first you will be requested to choose your nationality and your identity document type.

The app will ask you to grant it permission to access your geographical location.

You’re now ready to get started!

When you click on “Continue”, the app will ask the standard permissions for microphone and camera use.

The self-identification process starts with a picture of your chosen identity document. You will need to align the document within the parameters of the screen, starting with the front and then the back. Once aligned, the phone will automatically take a picture of the document. Please note that the photo and all elements on the document need to be completely visible.

You will have the option to re-take the photo if some of the elements are blurred or unclear.

The next step is to take a selfie. You will be guided to place your head within a circle on the screen. Note that there should be no other people in the background. You will also receive further written instructions if you need to move your head closer or further away from the screen in order to take the selfie, or whether more light is needed.

A screen will appear which uploads your documents to the system. During this process, and should the upload fail, you will need to re-do the self-identification process.

In the final screen, you will be notified that your documents are being processed and that you will receive a notification once our team is ready.

In cases where your proof of address is required, you will receive an email, push notification and a message in the notification centre in your account.

Please note that additional documents might be required in order to verify your company and complete the Merchant Verification Process. If we need more information or documents from you, we will get back to you within several business days.

That’s it! Welcome to the myPOS family!

In case the self-identification can’t be initiated due to technical or other reasons, we have a back-up option in place - Video identification.

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