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Reason for error and further instructions

Error: XX ‘Unable to reach authorization host’

* Make sure your router does not have any network traffic restrictions or filters - your router does not require setting a special TCP/IP configuration on your network devices (myPOS will use the default settings only)

* Ensure the network signal is strong enough. The network signal strength is indicated via a Wi-Fi signal icon located in the upper part of your device screen.

To connect via a Wi-Fi router, please follow the procedure described in the “How to connect your device with Wi-Fi” section from the Quick User Guide included in your package.

Error message “No card found in Slot 1.” on myPOS Combo device, but the card is already inserted

Please check if your SIM card is inserted in the correct card slot. Your myPOS device has 2 SIM slots. Make sure that you are using SIM card slot 1 (the back one). The first accessible SIM slot (SIM slot 2) will remain empty.

Error message “The network registration was unsuccessful”

This means that the myPOS device could not find the default settings of your mobile network. Please, click on the green button (O) Settings to enter them manually. You will be asked for APN (Access Point Name of your network), user name and password. You can find the information from your mobile provider.

Error message “Device activation not successful” when activation code is entered

Please ensure that the activation code was entered correctly and try again. Please have in mind that the activation code is valid for 24 hours. If your code has expired, please generate a new one.

If you still having issues with the activation, please email our Contact Centre from your registered e-mail. We will contact you within several days.

The myPOS device was successfully activated, but the update procedure failed

Please, check your Internet connection and try again. Alternatively, you can change your connection type and try to update again. The update procedure after successful activation is mandatory so your new myPOS device will prompt you to finish it.

A successfully processed transaction with a status "Not cleared" at my "Accounts" or in my "Devices" menu

If your transaction was approved and the device displayed a successful message, this status is shown because the confirmation message from the terminal was not received from the system yet. This may be due to interruption of the process or of the connection. Next time when you perform a transaction your myPOS device will complete the previous transaction first and after that will process the new one.

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