Profile section

Clicking on the Profile tab in the header opens a drop-down with several sub-menus.

My Details overviews the user details related to personal information, access rights and log-in history. The preferred authentication method can be specified from here as well.

The Company information tab allows the user to view and amend the following details:

  • Company phone number
  • Company e-mail
  • Doing business as – can be changed
  • Shipping address – can be changed

The Documents tab is the place where the user can upload all required documents related to the account verification and upload more if needed.


The Team tab lets the merchant manage all users linked to the account - this option allows merchants to link additional users to the account and manage the rights of these users

  1. A drop-down menu allows the merchant to view the users in different categories: Active, Deleted, Blocked or All users
  2. Block or Remove user access
  • Blocking the access of a user to the account is an option the merchant can utilize if the access of a user is being revoked temporarily. Until unblocked, the user will show under Blocked users. At a later stage, the merchant can decide to reverse the action or delete the user altogether
  • Removing the access to the account is permanent and cannot be reversed
  • Add User - a new user can be created by clicking on this button, the merchant will be prompted to enter the email address of the new user and then:
    • Enter the personal information of the new user
    • Fill in the login details
    • Determine the access/rights of the new user

    A push notification will be sent to the merchant’s smartphone to complete the process. If the user already exists, the merchant is not required to enter the above details as the user’s profile is linked when the email address of the user is entered.

    The Notification tab provides a list of all notifications, while Subscriptions lets the user subscribe to the latest product updates and promotions.

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