How can I accept payments over the phone?

Payments over the phone are also known as MO/TO or Virtual terminal. MO/TO stands for Mail Order/Telephone Order. It is a type of card-not-present payment which means that a customer may phone/email the merchant, place an order and pay by providing the payment card details over the phone or by email.

You can apply for Virtual terminal by login to:

• myPOS account, navigate to the POS Devices menu and select MO/TO Virtual Terminal, or
• myPOS App (for iOS or Android), navigate to MO/TO Virtual Terminal.

Because of the way card details are sent, MO/TO transactions are considered high-risk transactions. According to the Card Schemes Regulations the merchant is responsible for the outcome of received disputes.

Each request for Virtual terminal is being reviewed individually and additional information may be requested. A team of experts will review whether your request is eligible for the service. You will be notified of the outcome in the next few days. If approved, you will be able to accept MO/TO transactions via your myPOS account, myPOS mobile app (iOS and Android) and all your myPOS devices.

We can recommend some of our other Online functionalities:

Payment Request

The myPOS Payment Request function lets you request money from clients around the world. Simply generate and send your payment request to your clients via email or SMS from your myPOS account, the myPOS app or your card payment machine. In addition, myPOS offers you detailed reporting on your payment requests with information on whether the client has viewed the request and if a payment attempt has been made. Customers land on a secure payment gateway page where they can complete the payment process. Payment requests are considered the future of MO/TO payments as they are more secure and reduce the risk of chargeback disputes.

Payment tag

Payment tags are user-friendly payment links for multiple use. Create and name your Payment tag URL with or without a payment amount and send it to your customers using any chat app, SMS, email or social media. The payment is settled online through a simple to use checkout page. Clients can also select payment amounts, and provide reasons for the payment.


Enjoy the freedom the myPOS PayLink gives you! With it you do not need to have an online shop or even a webpage to accept payments online. All you need to do is generate a payment link with a description, currency and expiry date and send it to your customers along with an offer or an invoice. Once they open the link, they will land on a secure payment gateway, enter their card details and complete the payment process.

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