How does the myPOS Glass activation process work?

There are four ways in which you can activate myPOS Glass.


1.        Activation through your myPOS account ( If you already have a myPOS account, go to the “myPOS Devices” menu.

•        This drop-down menu will ask you to choose either a myPOS device or myPOS Glass to activate. Select myPOS Glass.

•        Enter your activation code in the empty field.

•        Choose “account”, select the settings of the app and agree to our T&Cs.

•        Authorise operations via one-time password (OTP) and once done, you’re ready to accept payments!

2.         Activation through the myPOS app: The process of activating myPOS Glass through the myPOS app is the same as the one described above.

3.         Activation through This process is applicable to individuals who wish to activate myPOS Glass but who are not the owners of the account (e.g. employees accepting payments on behalf of a company).

•        Login with your OTP.

•        Do a “wallet switch” if you are the holder of more than one wallet.

•        Enter your activation code.

•        Choose account, select the settings of the app and agree to our T&Cs.

•        After entering a second OTP, you’re ready to join the myPOS family with myPOS Glass!

4.         Activation through the myPOS Glass app: In this scenario, you have already downloaded the application, gone through the registration process, have identified yourself, entered a passcode/fingerprint and are ready to start activating myPOS Glass. Since you are the owner of the account, you will not receive a code for activation.

•        Choose “account”, select the settings of the app and accept our T&Cs.

•        You will see the “Success!” screen and you are now able to accept payments through your Android smartphone!

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