What documents for proof of address are acceptable?

The AML law requires us to verify the permanent address of the following persons:

• Sole traders, Freelancers - your address
• Companies - the address of persons authorised to open an account and make transactions, the Directors, the company itself and the ultimate owners, who own or control more than 25% of the business.

We accept one of the following types of documents for proof of address:

• Copy of a driver’s license if it has the full address on it
• Recent utility bill (bill for gas/electricity/water or any public utility service, should be no older than 3 months)
• Land line phone, internet and TV bill (mobile phone bills are not accepted)
• Document issued by the tax authorities, such as a request for tax registration, tax registration, tax certificates or similar
• Document from an insurance company (insurance card, policy or similar)
• Bank statement
• Credit card statement
• Medical invoices (for hospitalisation)
• Rental contract (lease agreement)
• Leasing document for a car
• Green card for registration of a car
• Letters from the municipality or other government institution
• Any other document issued by an independent and a reliable source with your full address on it

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