How can I create invoices with myPOS?

You can customise and use invoices from your myPOS account by visiting the section Invoices. Before creating your invoice, choose a currency and select the account, in which the payment should be settled once received. Once this is done, start customising your invoice by adding a company logo or changing the colors and fonts. Some of the useful features of myPOS Invoicing you can use include:

    • Applying individual discounts in each invoice as a percentage or a fixed amount
    • Choosing to represent tax in percentage form
    • Customising the invoice number prefix
    • Option to attach additional documents to the invoice
    • Option to save the invoice as a template and reuse it later
    • Customising invoice design with your logo, company fonts and colors your company uses
    • Choosing invoice language
    • Setting a due date

* When filling the invoice details, it is important to remember that only Latin letters should be used.

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