How to order card?

A myPOS Business card can be ordered online from your merchant account. The merchant should go to the Merchant Account/Cards menu, click on “Order card” and follow the instructions:

• STEP 1: Choose the design of the card
• STEP 2: Choose the name that will be embossed on the card by selecting a cardholder
• STEP 3: Choose the card currency and the account to which the card will be linked; enter the number of cards to order; confirm the mobile phone number for activation and choose the name that will be embossed on the card.
• STEP 4: Select the delivery option (by post or by courier) and the delivery address. Note that the card can be sent only to the company’s business address, the principal place of business or to your personal address. There is a 4th option to add a new address, where a document for proof of address will be needed in order to approve the order. In case the merchant would like the card to be sent to a different address, he or she should contact Customer Support prior to ordering the card and mention the reason why the card cannot be received at the registered address
• STEP 5: Review the order, accept the Terms & Conditions and myPOS policies, and place the order.

In case the card does not arrive within the specified delivery time, please contact myPOS Customer Support.

The merchant can order one Visa Business card free of charge. Each additional card will be charged as outlined in Fees and Limits.

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