What will change for you?

While you will continue to enjoy full and uninterrupted access to your myPOS services at all times, the following important changes will take place that will impact you:

  • You will receive a new Irish IBAN ("IE IBAN") from myPOS Ltd. Your new IE IBAN will replace your existing Bulgarian IBAN ("BG IBAN") from iCARD AD.
  • You will receive a new Mastercard myPOS Business Debit card (issued by myPOS Ltd). Your new Mastercard card will be linked to your new IE IBAN. Your new card will replace your existing Visa myPOS Business Debit card (issued by iCARD AD) which is linked to your existing BG IBAN.
  • Your existing BG IBAN and linked Visa myPOS Debit card will be closed and will no longer work.
  • If you currently have more than one BG IBAN or more than one Visa myPOS Debit card, we will provide you with replacement IE IBANs and Mastercard Business Debit cards from myPOS Ltd for each account and card - we will mirror your current arrangements in place today. 
  • You will have new legal agreements for your myPOS services.

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